The team

Peter de Reus

The human approach to analytics

As an economist and data entrepreneur of 25 years, I know how to help companies and other organisations to improve and thrive through the transformative use of data. Yet while data is powerful and helps to speed up effective decision-making, it is only partially effective if you do not include the human factor. It is my ambition and passion to help clients underpin their (data) strategies with smart analytics while taking the insights, experience and needs of their staff into account.

Why the human approach will benefit you

Including the human perspective in analytics enriches data as – despite many claiming its holiness – you cannot capture everything in numbers. Data does not lie, but it doesn’t speak the whole truth. It is important to include multiple stakeholders in strategic decision-making before implementing change. Through iteration between alpha and beta perspectives, you reach decisions that are tailored to your organisation and onboard all perspectives within your organization. This leads to far smoother, and far more cost-effective change.

This employee acceptance is one of the greatest obstacles to implementing data driven decision-making. Common complaints such as being reduced to numbers and mistrust can paralyze even the best-intended change. By effectively communicating the co-creation and inclusion of the human approach to the strategy throughout your organization delivers understanding and acceptance. This too dramatically enhances your ROI.

Data and its analysis are already changing the way we see and experience the world and business. So to make the most of this global change, use the human approach to data analytics. You’ll achieve more.

Mark C. Gray

Head and heart in communications

With some 30 years in communications, my passion is bringing people and organizations closer together. Based on my conviction that every organisation has its own character, I investigate with clients which brand – which personality – they want to be and communicate internally and externally. Defining a refined identity into a clear, credible concept or story is my thing.

Decisive Facts’ approach appeals strongly to my own sense of purpose. We find ourselves in a data-driven information society. Yet we must exercise caution in how we use this information. People and customers need to feel and be included in this change. Open, honest and targeted communications is crucial for establishing the trust people need in the change that is coming.

These times demand a change in approach to communications – one in which we focus on authentic contact between people. My international focus – an Englishman abroad, with my youth spent in the Netherlands and now resident in Germany on the Baltic– helps me help others to take a fresh perspective. They’re exciting times with a human touch.

My focus: identity, branding, change communications, internal and external communications, editor, presswork.

Huub Damen

Sometimes we need a helping hand

Technology is changing our world. The possibilities seem endless. Yet many attempts to use technology fail or do not deliver as expected. Especially where it concerns data. Why? I believe the answer is relatively simple. When change is needed, the focus is often either on the technology or on the people. Yet the only truly effective method is to continually seek alignment between the two. In practice, this often means bringing together opposing perspectives and conflicting interests.

This alignment is my focus and my passion. For over 30 years, I have been bringing people together as discussion leader, coach, team coach, change expert, sounding board, conflict coach and mediator. So that organisations can make the most of both the opportunities of technology and the creativity and innovative strength of their human resources.

We support teams and individuals. We bring together decision-makers and executives and help them to focus on the shared objective. Unfortunately, that journey is rarely a direct line to the target but rather a question of finding the shortest detour. And that is a question of combining head and heart. You need a human approach to data analytics.

Yvette Bergamin

A focus on solutions delivers more

My name is Yvette Bergamin and I have a background in econometrics from the University of Amsterdam with a Big Data & Analytics specialisation. Although my background is in modelling, I am constantly reminded in my daily work that all models are underpinned by people in one way or another. My drive is to balance the human perspective with innovative data solutions and so use analytical methods to deliver practical results.

This balance will only be achieved through effective cooperation between a range of disciplines. We all learn from one another, and when done properly, we complement one another with unique insights into a shared objective. It’s amazing what can be achieved when you merge personal knowledge and system data and together work towards your goal. It’s the human approach to data analytics!

Decisive Facts