Technical Resources



SQL Server

  • Microsoft maintains a Best Practices page for SQL Server mostly containing white papers with tips and guidelines for using SQL server.
  • Pinal Dave at SQL Authority has a very informative blog about SQL Server.
  • John Sansom also has a useful blog and list of SQL Server resources.
  • A collection of resources from SQL Skills.



  • Basics:
    • An excellent interactive tutorial for starting to learn R. Gets you through the syntax and basics of the language quickly with with an elegant visual interface.
    • Another interactive tutorial (the course is free upon making an account).
    • A short introductory article.
    • Quick-R has basic R tutorials and also some on statistical methods and graphs.
    • A tutorial for elementary statistics with R.
  • More advanced topics:
    • The RDataminig website contains a wealth of resources on data mining with R, including examples, lessons (slides, videos, …), courses, as well as links more resources.
    • Revolution Analytics has an introductory webinar on using R for data mining.
    • Rob J. Hyn­d­man has a blog where he writes a lotabout R and particularly forecasting using R. The topics are mostly advanced and have useful examples.
  • R-bloggers is a website with news and tutorials on R.



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