The Data Value Discovery will show you new opportunities

You and your employees would like to know what possibilities you have using your own data. Finding opportunities for your own company, picking the low-hanging fruit. For example, by finding opportunities to save money, detecting fraud or improving your service. To find the opportunities for your own company, meet the Data Value Discovery.

For whom is the employee Data Value Discovery journey intended?

You are head of a department and you want to create concrete opportunities for your company by working data-driven. So, you have a positive attitude towards data & analytics. However, you also have the stance “seeing is believing”. You are therefore looking for the low-hanging fruit. Your employees also want to see with their own eyes how this can benefit their work.

How does the Data Value Discovery work?

The Data Value Discovery Decisive Facts helps your team to find new solutions and opportunities with your data. We use the following roadmap:

The preparation phase

  • Together we compile a theme that helps you to improve.

  • We help you collecting the right data for the theme. We work together with your IT-department and make sure the information traceable to customers will be removed.

  • Decisive Facts compiles and cleans the data and combines it with possible external data.

  • In a few sessions data leads to insights.

  • We evaluate the process and subsequent actions.

The analysis phase

  • We search for relationships in the data.

  • We offer clear, graphic insights.

  • We work together with you towards shared analyses in Excel or Power BI.

Report and evaluation

  • We provide the final version of the analysis.

  • We carry out a joint evaluation.

Rates and conditions

The guideline amount for the Data Value Discovery is €10,000.- to €15,000.- excluding VAT.

Decisive Facts