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Data Strategy Sprint

With the Data Strategy Sprint you can start right away.


You want to comprehend the possibilities for your organization to be data-driven. You are in need of a data strategy and a roadmap wherein the path is drafted how to make your organization more data-driven. In order to make the step to a fresh, eager, future oriented culture.

Two experienced C-level consultants scan your organization in 10 days. You receive a personal presentation with an assessment of the current situation, concrete points of action ordered by chance of success and impact. This is the starting point of your data roadmap.

Workshop Data & Analytics

The Workshop Data & Analytics makes your employees enthusiastic!


You would like the employees in your organization to be excited for working with data. You perceive there is a lot of ignorance about the subject. You would like your employees to take action with regard to utilizing new opportunities.

With the workshop Data & Analytics you own employees can learn that working data-driven is actually quite fun, and a useful extension to work, and a lot less abstract than they thought.

Data Crunching

Our data crunchers help solving your complex problem

Crunch the data

You cannot really get grip on an important issue within our organization. There is a gap between the involved parties that all have different visions. Ideas are not realized. The organization keeps muddling ahead.

Through data analysis, Decisive Facts has been able to get to the core of big, complex questions. Once we have reached the core, solutions quickly become clear. Making the impossible possible, by connecting all facts. This is how we create working solutions for existing problems.

Data Value Discovery

The Data Value Discovery will show you new opportunities


You and your employees would like to know what possibilities you have using your own data. Finding opportunities for your own company, picking the low-hanging fruit. For example, by finding opportunities to save money, detecting fraud or improving your service. To find the opportunities for your own company, meet the Data Value Exploration.

You get insights in the opportunities of your data in a quick and fun manner. For being able to work directly during the workshop, we make sure we check your data for inconsistencies and clean it if necessary. This way the subject becomes lively in your organization.

Virtual Data Science Team

Business Analytics as a Service (BAAS) takes away your concerns!

Hidden in the data

You know the advantages of working data-driven and you would like to make a start with it. However, you don’t have the ambition to create your own data science department. Or maybe you already have a data science department but it can’t handle a peak load. With Business Analytics as a Service we respond to those needs.

With BAAS you get your own sizable data science department that is immediately operational. The analysis of your data and standard reports will be generated for you. The price is usually lower than 1 FTE.

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