Client Testimonials


Understandable results without simplifying too much

After the financial crisis, we were looking at Rabobank Private Banking for a method to better manage the quality of investment portfolios of our clients. Peter de Reus has devised a methodology that produces understandable results yet without simplifying it too much. Employees at all levels understood it without much explanation. We work to this day with the system.”Pim Mol, SVP Rabobank Private Banking

Dedicated professionals who take an extra step

The data analysts and consultants of Decisive Facts have proved themselves as dedicated professionals who are prepared to take an extra step, even if it becomes complicated. They were of huge value during the design and implementation and processed sensitive data with integrity.”
Steven Dunn, UTI

Decisive Facts guides you through a jungle of choices

The world of data, databases and coding may be a big mystery to normal human beings. It is pleasant to have people who understand this jargon and are able to translate that in normal language. Moreover is it very helpful if they take you by the hand and guide you through a jungle of choices. The people from Decisive Facts are like this. They helped us with choosing a new software package, which is the spine of our organization. The goal was to select a package which works flawless and is ready for the future. Decisive Facts made this happen.”
PB van de Poel, De Nieuwe Wereld

Decisive Facts