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Peter de Reus has been helping clients with their data challenges for over 25 years in a great variety of roles – from the cradle of the industry as it were. The learning gained has now been incorporated in  new venture, Decisive Facts.

Experience has taught us the essential nature of data analytics: There is no such thing as data in isolation. And while data doesn’t lie, it does not tell the whole truth either.

It is essential that your data solution provider understands that – in addition to any mathematical solution – you have to always take the human factor into account. For more details as to how this make the difference, take a look here at The human approach to data analytics.

When you work with us you get a true partner. Through structured short-cycle assessments (data sprints) we are quick to get a rough and ready picture of the status of data in your organization. These may focus on either existing tooling or organisational processes. Based on this initial picture we will look together whether interim fixes are required and/or possible, after which longer-term planning starts.

We believe strongly in co-creation. You know your business, we know data. Together we’ll plan the ins and outs of the change required, such as communications, training, etc.

Below you’ll find a contact form. Get in touch, and let’s see whether we can start taking advantage of the information you already have. To improve existing systems. Or to create true and lasting competitive advantage. We look forward to working with you.

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