Our employees


Sara Ramezani
Peter de Reus

Logic leads you from A to B. Imaginations leads you everywhere.

Gijs Egberink
Data Scientist

We can’t solve a problem with the same mindset that caused it.

Karindra Perrier
Data Scientist

In every problem there’s an opportunity.

Sara Ramezani
Data Scientist

Data is becoming the new raw material for business.


Yvette Bergamin
Yvette Bergamin
Junior Analist

Everywhere around us you can find data. We can make our lives a lot easier by using it.

Gidion van Kempen
Junior Analist

The goal must be to convert data into information, and information into insights.

Edwin Harms
Interim Professional

Embrace disruption, and walk ahead!

Peter Maarten Bakker
Interim Professional


Reinier Meisberg
Marcel Vernooij
Reinier van Mijsberg
Interim Professional
Marcel Veernooij
Interim Professional


Flexible shell


Arpit Trivedi
.Net Expert
Milan Rajic
VBA Expert
Pavel Iacovlev
Javascript Expert
Sergey Spasskiy
C# and SQL Server Expert


Yuri Usanov
Excel/Access VBA Developer
Maciej C.
Gecertificeerd SQL Server & BI Expert
Lina María Baez
Graphical Designer
Iaroslavna Khodyreva
.NET/SQL Certified Expert


Magdalena Murawska
Data Mining Expert


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