Data-driven decision-making


Data-driven decision-making means that data plays an important role in your operational, tactical and strategic decision-making. Due to the speed at which digitalisation of services has taken shape, many organisations still struggle finding the best way for this new reality in order to shape their culture, leadership, decision-making processes and employee assessments.

How Decisive Facts uses data in your decision making

  • Operational decision-making. The design, development and implementation of decision-support plug-ins that can be placed on top of your current systems. Employees can then prioritize better and receive specific notifications for matters that require immediate action.
  • Tactical decision-making. A programme that executes what-if scenarios. It allows you to make clear assessments.
  • Strategic decision-making. By using the right information you can determine or adjust the strategic course.


The approach of data-driven decision-making project

  • Business and data understanding. Determine the current state based on data analysis en interviews with stakeholders. This ensures a facts-based view.
  • Decisive Facts sets up a project in close cooperation with all stakeholders involved to move to the desired end state.
  • Project execution. In this phase we create support among the employees, implement smart solutions and measure the improvements.
  • Project evaluation. Learn together and determine the next steps.


The benefits of a project with Decisive Facts

  • You will get a clear picture of where you’re at. From this position you can determine what really needs to change and how to do so.
  • You will be in control.
  • Because data provides insights in the real situation, conflicting interests are easily resolved.
  • One of the results of data-driven decision-making is a reduction in costs which create a positive feedback loop by being able to invest in new chances.


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