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Czaar Peterstraat 155
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Phone: +31 20 370 51 33

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    The Increasing Popularity of R among Data Scientists

    on August 18, 2015 Uncategorized with 0 comments

    In the last few years, R has steadily been increasing in popularity as the main language used for data mining and analytics. There are multiple reasons for this popularity. Below we will first show just how popular R has become, looking at some recent surveys. After that we will look at some pros and cons of […]

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    Data & Analytics: getting valuable results quickly

    on September 19, 2016 Inspiration session, Uncategorized with 0 comments

    Decisive Facts helps clients to obtain fresh insights with data & analytics so they achieve a lasting strategic advantage. It is an ideal area to work in with lots of opportunities for our customers. In our daily practice, we regularly notice some confusion in this relatively young business. This is why we, at Decisive Facts, […]

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    CRISP-DM: process for data mining

    on August 8, 2016 Data crunching, Uncategorized with 0 comments

    To Decisive Facts, data mining is not a goal in itself. It is a way to transform mountains of data into valuable insights and help you as our client to make fact based decisions for your organization. We use the CRISP-DM, which stands for Cross Platform Industry Standard for Data Mining, as our standard methodology […]

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    Closing the books faster with Data Analytics

    on July 22, 2015 Uncategorized with 0 comments

    Many organizations are looking for ways to speed up their monthly/quarterly/annual close cycle. This is often easier said than done. Because the close should not only be faster, the data should also be correct. How can this be done when a company has thousands of operators all across the globe that are responsible for entering […]

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    Analyst Analysis: What do Recruiters Seek in an Analyst?

    on March 19, 2015 Inspiration session, Uncategorized with 0 comments

    Analyst Analysis The search for the best employees, “The war for talent.” This slogan is also applicable to data analysts, data scientists and marketing database analysts. The number of vacancies for Big Data and Data Analytics is rising quickly. Many managers are slowly becoming aware of the possibilities in this sector. Ignoring these developments is at […]

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    Private Banking: the quality of the investment portfolio (1)

    on March 19, 2015 Data crunching, Uncategorized with 0 comments

      Part 1. From data to insights This blog is a start of a triptych. This time, Decisive Facts will focus on real life examples of a large Dutch Private Bank. A private bank only delivers financial services to wealthy individuals and institutions who have more than EUR. 500.000 available. The limits differentiate per bank. […]

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    E-work and outsourced work

    on August 26, 2014 Uncategorized with 0 comments

    E-work is a large market and will become much larger Online outsourcing grows very fast, within the double digits. The biggest platforms are oDesk, Elance and Freelancer where you will find millions of people who are searching for specific services and people who offer these. Although it has taken off rapidly in other countries, The Netherlands […]

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    Why Business Intelligence projects fail

    on August 26, 2014 Uncategorized and Tags: , with 0 comments

    Why Business Intelligence projects fail There is much talk about Big Data and Business Intelligence (BI). A miracle machine to easily increase revenue or save costs. Business Intelligence projects are, however, are often flown wrong. Therefore, the benefits are not converted into hard cash. This has several causes. First of all, a big group of […]

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