Data analytics
with a human touch

Data doesn’t lie. But it doesn’t tell the whole truth either. Decisive Facts’ unique approach to analytics maximises the value of your data. How? By remembering what others forget. Business is (also) a people thing. By combining the power of data and human insight you get the big picture. Your benefit? Stronger engagement in change. Faster implementation. Higher impact. Read on to discover how this novel approach makes the difference and significantly improves your ROI.

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Organisational benefits

Stronger acceptance/engagement in change

Business-driven for sustainable impact

Iterative stakeholder approach delivers speed, relevance and agility.

Being left behind
in the data war?

Not convinced data is a competitive advantage? A must read…

Make your
analytics useful

Useful analytics solves real problems. Here’s how…

Strategic analytics
maximise your data value

Maximise your competitive advantage with innovative, strategic analytics.


The proof is in the eating. Below are a number of cases highlighting how data analytics – with a human touch – truly gets to the bottom of the most complex issues. High impact analyses that deliver by taking on board the big picture.

Case 1

Benchmark mobility

Case 2

Amsterdam's social housing in times of scarcity

Case 3

Ground lease in Amsterdam leads to redistribution of assets

Blogs on data analytics

Stay up to data with the latest insights from Decisive Facts. Data is always a combination of man and machine. Owner Peter de Reus provides insight into the why, how what of the human approach to data analytics. Interesting, sometimes provocative and always up to date. Enjoy.

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